Supercell replies to Clash Royale players

Supercell, the creator of Clash of Clans and recently released Clash Royale, just published in their forums a long answer to questions from users of this last game .

Clash Royale -which, for now, is only available for iOS platform- got very flattering reviews from the gamer world in general. However, some players expressed their dissatisfaction and doubts about some details. Three are the main ones:

  • Chests timers, that demand from players to wait for unlocking functions to play again
  • The possibility of reseting the players’ so far made progress
  • The game imbalance, which is generated by OverPowered troops

The Finnish company decided to reassure users with explanations and clarifications on the three points:

  • Regarding chests timers said the only way to develop the game that allowed to participate to the maximum number of players is limiting access to servers at a given time.
  • Regarding the second issue, Supercell dismissed any possibility of restarting user progress.
  • Finally, regarding the game balance, announced that it will evolved over time and that the overpowered troops will be balanced.

So far, the game Clash Royale has undergone a “soft launch”: it has been released for a limited segment of players, iOS users and a small handful of countries (Finland , Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway and New Zealand). Although there are already tutorials to download the game from other countries, Supercell is intended to have, for the moment, a limited number of users to test and improve any failure you may have. From certain point of view, the “soft launch” is almost like a beta testing phase but open.

Answers published by the Finnish are the result of collecting and evaluating user feedback in order to generate the necessary improvements before open release of the game, that is, the release for android devices and for iOS users from all countries.

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