Your mama: the hilarious new CoC’s TV ad

Your Mama Clash of clans

Supercell just released the video “Your mama”, the third of their Clash of Clans’ TV campaign “True tales of clash achievery”. In the video, Christoph Waltz, who had already starred in two previous pieces (Legend of the Last Lava Pup and Koopa) gets involved in a hilarious situation. In some luxurious social meeting, which takes place in an elegant hall where all attendees wear smoking-, Waltz tells a true tale: the story of the player named “your mama”. Each time the player attacks a village, the victim’s phone or tablet displays a message that says “Your village is being raised by Your mama.”

The hilarious situation arises when, in the middle of the story about “Your mama”, Waltz’s phone emits a sound alert to warn that his village of Clash of Clans is being raised… by “Your mama”. Just then the circumspect diners who heard the story lose their serious composture and release laughter sounds that gradually catch people who is watching the video.

The TV ad is inspired by real events. Many players choose humorous nicknames to generate hilarious messages. The message generated by Clash of Clans app everytime you are under attack says “Your village is being raised by …” and then the player’s name. And some players choose names that cleverly generate humorous messages. For example, “idiot” or “your ex-girlfriend.” What would you say if your phone sends you a message saying that your your village is being raised by idiot?

This TV commercial is the third of the “True tales of clash achievery” issued by Barton F. Graf 9000 agency. It was released in Clash of Clans Youtube Channel.

You can enjoy it here:

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