Koopa: new CoC’s TV ad video staring by Christoph Waltz

Koopa tv ad

Koopa, the Clash of Clans player who became famous by playing just to donate troops, is the subject of new campaign’s second video to promote the famous video game for mobile devices.

Presented by Cristoph Waltz, who already participated in the first video of the new campaign, this new advertising piece tells the story of the Indian player who has donated about half of million troops. The video, in fact, begins with this information: Koopa, the player who has donated half of million troops to people that he never met …

As soon as he is appointed, the player jumps out in to the scene from an elevator, looking very focused on his phone. The rest of the video shows donation after donation made by Koopa while performing their daily tasks. Meanwhile, players around the world and in different scenes (lying in bed or in the living room, watching a movie at the cinema) receiving his generous donations are shown. All this while Waltz tells the tale of Koopa.

The video ends with a memorable scene: the Austrian-German actor is standing in a corner telling the story and, from the vanishing point, Koopa appears walking towards him, always focused on his phone. Just as he reached her side, it passes a bus at full speed, after which the Indian player disappears. In his account, Waltz says, “and just as misteriously he appeared in the same mysterious way it appeared, Koopa has gone.” And he topped with a “… which is quite unfortunelly , because I could reaaly use a dragon”.

Same as the first of this TV ads, the video was made on request of Barton F. Graf 9000, responsible for the campaign. The song “Mornings” by Janko Nilović sounds in the background.

Enjoy this great advertising piece below…

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