Christoph Waltz stars in new video TV ads for Clash of Clans

Christoph Waltz, German-Austrian actor and two times Academy Award winner for his roles in Inglourious Bastards and Django Unchained, both directed by Quentin Tarantino, stars in the new series of TV ads for video game Clash of Clans.

Today, Supercell, the Finnish company that created the game, posted on its YouTube channel the video entitled “Legend of the Last Lava Pup”.

In the video, the German-Austrian actor gives in to the demands of a not very young child (played by British actor and television presenter James Corden) for a fairy tale before he goes to sleep. Waltz then begins the story of the last lava pup:

In some clan war, a powerful army of barbarians had on their side immortal troops: pekkas, barbarian kings. Thanks to this, the clan are close to win the battle. But suddenly the great hope of the other side appears: a lava hound. At this point Corden interrupts the story and says that surely the tide of battle begins to change. Waltz agrees, but also adds a “but”: until the lava hound is destroyed. Disappointed and afraid of the story had come to an end, Corden screams a “what???”. However, the German-Austrian replied that from the ashes of lava hound born 12 small lava pups. Corden begins to celebrate saying: “I love lava pups!!!”. However, Waltz spoils the child’s happiness again with a “but the lava pups were also destroyed.” The British then shows his best disappointment face and wispers an “ohhhh …”. But The German-Austrian immediately says that one lava pup had survived. Corden interrupts the tale with a fundamental question: if all the troops of lava pup’s side has been destroyed, and also his father and brothers, why is telling a sad story to a child that is close to fall asleep? Waltz answers with the heroic end of story: the lava pup heard his father’s voice saying “… burn them all …”. In response, the last lava pup rises, attacks all the defenses of the army of barbarians and decides to confront their king, finally defeating him with his last shot of lava ball…

The new TV campaign of Clash of Clans is implemented by the agency Barton F. Graf 9000. The responsible of videos is Anonymous Content. You can enjoy the first one (Legend of last wash pup) below.

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