Bandit draft challenge is here!!!

The long-awaited bandit draft challenge is here!!!We told you a few days ago: new cards from the latest update of Clash Royale will be available from March 24th onwards. But if you do not want to wait so long, Supercell has launched a special event that will allow you to access one of them, probably the most awaited: the bandit.

What is the challenge about?

Desafío de la bandida, Bandit draft Challenge
You must win 12 times before you’ve
got defeated 3 times
Try to win 12 times in order to unlock the bandit card so then you can use it on your current deck: that’s is the challege all about. To do this, go to the “Tournaments” tab in the lower right corner of Clash Royale and, once there, tap in the “Bandit Draft Challenge” event.

The first time you enter the challenge you will not have to pay anything. If you do not succeed and decide to try again, the second and all of the following challenges will cost you 100 gems each.

Desafío de la bandida, Bandit draft Challenge
In each battle, four times you will have to select
between two cards. The cards you don’t select will be
on your opponent’s deck
As soon as you enter the challenge and start a battle, Clash Royale will search for a rival. When the game find it, will give you the option to choose between two cards. The card you select will go to your deck. The other one will go to your opponent’s deck. You will repeat this operation four times. Therefore, you will choose four cards and the other four will be assigned by your opponent. That means you know half of your rival’s deck beforehand and he or she knows half of yours.

One of the cards that can be chosen is the bandit itself. So you’ll have a chance to try it even if you can not beat the challenge and unlock it.

What will you get from the Bandit draft challenge?

As we mentioned, if you win 12 times, you will unlock the bandit’s card. In addition, you will win a prize of 11,000 gold coins and 550 cards. But beware: you can not lose three times. If you do, you will be immediately disqualified from the bandit draft challenge.

If you do not reach the 12 wins, you will win the following prizes anyway:

Desafío de la bandida, Bandit draft Challenge
You will get chest and gold coins if you win
less than 12 times
– a chest after 2 wins;
– 8,000 gold coins after 4 wins;
– another new chest to the 6 victories;
– 25,000 gold coins at the ninth victory;

Even if you do not win any time you will get an “assured prize”: 700 gold coins and 10 cards.

The bandit challenge ends on Monday at 1:00 AM, London time.

That’s all. All you have to do is dare. And if you manage to unlock the bandit, let us know in the comments !!!

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