New cards on Clash Royale update: bandid, bats, night witch, and heal

A new update of Clash Royale is coming, and it is one of the most announced and analyzed by the community of players. We know that it will be released on March 24th and that brings new cards, new arenas, new leagues and a little gem: battles side-by-side with clanmates against other clans players.

The new cards in this update of Clash Royale deserve special attention, because at least two of them are legendary cards: the bandit and the night witch. The night witch is almost like the usual witch, but instead of summon skeletons, summons bats. That means that a new non-legendary card is also released: precisely the bats card .

What abilities do they bring? A few very interesting …

Bats to dispute the air and witches to summon them

Bats, Clash Royale
Bats card
The bats add force to the air attacks, which had not received much attention in the last update. The card frees four units, which, altough very fragile (at level 1 have 67 hitpoints and inflict only 67 damage), move at high speed and can attack up to 5 targets.

Night witch, Clash Royale
Night witch card
The noght witch, on the other hand, will be almost like the usual witch, but with two differences. First, this new witch, as mentioned, will invoke bats instead of skeletons. Second, it will be more powerful than the original witch. In level 1, it has 750 hitpoints (against 500 of the original on the same level), infringes 190 damage per second (compared to 74 of the original) and deploys with a generation speed of 5 seconds (compared to 7.5 of the original).

The Bandit

Bandit, Clash Royale
Bandit Card
Probably the most interesting card of this update is the bandit. It is a legendary card that has an attack really peculiar: like the Prince, assaults a target taking impulse, so when she reaches that target, she charge against it multipliying her damage. The interesting thing is that while Bandit moves with the impulse, can not be attacked because she carries a mask that hides her identity. Only when she reaches her target is visible and can be attacked again. Therefore, Bandit is very difficult troop to stop.

At level 1, Bandit will come up with 750 hitpoints, 160 damage per second when not charging and 320 damage per strike when charging. And best of all: her deployment will cost … only 3 elixir units!!!

The bandit challenge

The Bandit card will be realesed on March 24. But between March 17 and the same 24 Supercell announced a special event that will allow you to get the “Bandid” card before it is available to the general public.

The well-known Spanish and yonkie Supercell games player, Alvaro Gonzalez, had the opportunity to try out these cards and to see the rules of the special event to gain access to the bandit. We leave below the video in which he shows you all these news …

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